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Our company Breeders of Denmark is more than 20 years old and is one of the leading Danish companies in the pig breeding sector, with four daughter companies located in Germany, France, Poland, and Ukraine; and with many partnerships throughout the world. 

We provide the best genetics from the best breeding company: Danish Pig Genetics P/S, and we offer high-performance breeding pigs for both slaughterpigs producers and sow producers.

What we do & What you get

We enhance the genetic value of your herd

We select the strongest pure-bred animals

The most robust and efficient GP & GGP Durocs, Landraces & Yorkshire

Feeding the piglets
We sell the LY/YL with the best results & highest ROI

Slaughterpig production with the highest amount of meat/sow/year

Breeders Truck
We ensure the safest transport with our own trucks

UVC filters for completely neutralized pathogens. SPF-approved with solar panels

We provide top-Management Consulting

Professional management consulting, with veterinarian and feeding approach


Breeders is on YouTube

We trust you will find interesting content and valuable knowledge on Breeders’ YouTube channel, where we share our expertise about the pig industry and pig farming.

We aim to help you and your coworkers make the best decisions with our own videos, as our content covers three essential approaches: feeding, veterinarian care, and management & organizational.

In the event that you haven’t come accross the specific insights you were seeking, we encourage you to reach out to Breeders directly, we are happy to help !

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Long-distance deliveries & long-term conservation

Frozen semen from Danish Genetics

From our high-performance Danish Genetics boars, we also provide frozen semen; tested with CASA –  Computer Assisted Semen Analysis

Each dose is tested for morphology, concentration and motility, so we can guarantee the conformity of the products we deliver; while getting insights on each individual boar in relation to their reproduction capabilities. 

Frozen semen has many advantages: long-distance deliveries, long-term conservation, stock organization and cost-efficiency; while still providing “liquid genetics” with the greatest results. 

International Exhibitions

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professional transport service

From our suppliers directly to your door

We travel the world so your pig farm can achieve the greatest results !

Jan Lembke-Jensen - CEO of Breeders

Jan Lembke-Jensen, CEO

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