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Forward-looking Genetics

The future lies in genetics

BREEDERS is the leading partner of Danish Pig Genetics, with whom we take pig genetics and pig breeding to a new level.

Danish Pig Genetics combines state-of-the-art technologies and the world’s leading genetics experts to make one of the world’s strongest breeding programs.

The danish genes

When breeding pigs are selected, genetic traits are reinforced

In cooperation with the best Danish farms, and with the help of AbacusBio of New Zealand, Danish Pig Genetics gathers, compiles and analyses tons of data in order to select and breed the best breeding pigs in the world.

While also relying on more than 100 years of experience (on-farm and conducted in laboratories), Danish Genetics focuses on both the animals’ genomes and physical traits, so that we – Breeders of Denmark A/S – can provide the most efficient and prolific pigs to our partners, sow producers and producers of slaughter pigs.

Danish Genetics

Danish Pig Genetics is forward-looking and considers the entire value-chain from genetics beginning to food production

The key to a global pig breeding program lies in combining the global pork market trends, customers demand, and international genetic expertise and tools.

Danish Pig Genetics develops world-class products, and breeds pigs with high production capacity, where the sows give birth to many live piglets, which have a high growth rate combined with a low feed consumption and a good meat percentage.

The aim of Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding program and philosophy is to optimize the process, minimize costs and create better financial returns. In other words, increase sustainability of the pig production in both an economic, environmental, and social aspect. More output for less input, and more meat per sow space per year are essential to secure the future of pig production.

What our Breeding Philososphy means for you

Breeding Philosophy & Breeding Goals

BREEDING GOALS 2023_Terminal Line 2023
BREEDING GOALS 2023_Dam Line 2023

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