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Professional international animal transport


From our suppliers directly to your door

Your investment is secured with the best animal transport: Our own!

Modern fleet

Breeders’ modern fleet consists of highly technical SPF-approved trucks, safely driven by our dedicated team of skilled drivers, who have both SPF-related certificates, as well as technical and mechanical competences

Comfy driving

Our specially built vehicles ensure extra space for the animals, and we make sure that they thrive during all our deliveries.

Worldwide delivery

You can spot our trucks inside and outside Europe's borders. At overseas destinations, we collaborate with the best local carriers as well as experienced international air cargo companies.


Our fleet consists mainly of DAF and Scania trucks, all of which are emission standard EURO 6.

With our own workshop and cleaning station, we ensure that each truck is tested, cleaned and ready for a safe travel before each trip!

High-tech trucks & trailers

Our trailers are called SPF – which stands for Specific Pathogen Free. 

The trailers have their own engine and fuel tank, independent from the truck. They work with overpressure, air-filters and UVC light, which targets and neutralize the molecular structure of the pathogens’ DNA. In other words, viruses and bacteria are either trapped or destroyed.

Our modern trailers guarantee the high health status of our breeding pigs, as they are also approved by the Danish Authority SPF-SUS.

Breeders Trucks in garage

A word about our drivers

Breeders drivers

Our drivers are experienced, skilled and involved. They all have SPF-related certificates required to transport live-animals, as well as technical and mechanical competences.

When they are on the way to deliver a customer, a partner, or yourself, nothing can stop them!

Simply custom-built for special delivery

We make international pig transport easy for you!

Breeders Truck in Paris Airport

What is our destination?

Tell us where your farm is located! Wherever you are, we can get Danish breeding pigs to you!

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Frequently Asked

SPF-trucks refer to air-filtered trailers with UVC lights. They eliminate viruses and bacteria, and ensure the animals keep their high health status. The SPF-trucks are approved by the Danish authorities for safe animal transport. 

The filters, UVC lights, and diverse GPS and temperature systems allow us to control the animals’ status at all time. And with skilled and certified drivers, we ensure the animals have a safe trip to your farm. 

Our truck drivers are subject to regulations regarding driving time, as well as the animals. However, we take breaks at “control stations”, we can deliver all the way to the edges of Europe and further. 

Yes ! So, unless it is a short trip, we fill the truck with feed, as they also have access to fresh water. 

Upon arrival, our drivers put on their Breeders coveralls and unload the animals for you. Simply be ready to welcome them, and since the animals are separated in groups in the trucks, you can easily organize your stables in advance. 

This all depends! The trucks have a maximum available space and weight limit, measured in m² and tons. Then we must consider the animals’ (average) weight and needed space, depending on their age, as we organizing them by groups in the trucks.

We make sure our animals arrive safely at the departure airport (with SPF-Trucks). They are then loaded on the plane in custom-built crates, where they have both feed and water. Tell us where you are located so we can organize their travel!

That happens often! Find out if we currently have available jobs and opportunities under the Contact page, and do not hesitate to write to us!

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