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Strong and Efficient, with great Meat Quality

We select the animals with all the best qualities to ensure your success and return on investment:

Robust, long-lasting and efficient danish pure-breds; and F1 cross-bred sows for slaughterpig production
Danish Genetics Landrace


The ”Traditional” Danish breed.


Originally known for its high fertility, the Landrace has proved its excellency and shown great results in many other ways, both in nucleuses for sow production and in the cross-breeding program, when producing the cross-bred F1 (LY/YL).

Landrace sows are robust, they have great mothering abilities, high fertility, and an optimal growth rate. They provide excellent meat quality, and many viable piglets.


The First “Robust” breed


Danish Yorkshire is the second breed used in Danish Pig Genetics’ cross-breeding program, since its origins, mostly because it was seen as a robust animal with strong legs and body posture. 

Very rapidly, the Yorkshire sow has also proved to be as a great mother, with excellent results in meat quality, fertility, piglet survival and viability, feed consumption and growth rate.


Danish Genetics Yorkshire
Cross-bred F1 (LY/YL)

F1 (LY/YL)

The highest Return on Investment for slaughterpig producers


The cross-bred sow F1 (LY/YL) has a Danish Yorkshire and a Danish Landrace as parents. 

When focusing on effectiveness and return on investment, the F1 (LY/YL) is the most ideal choice on the market: low feed consumption, high growth-rate, long lifespan, robustness, high fertility, great mothering abilities, large amounts of (great quality) meat, and much more. 

Additionally, thanks to Danish Pig Genetics’ constantly evolving breeding program, the F1 (LY/YL) will get even better, throughout the future generations.

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Improved by Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding program

The Danish Duroc is the obvious choice of boar for the production of slaughterpigs, both with our F1 (LY/YL) sows, or when used with sows from other genetics.

Our Durocs are specially selected by Breeders, based on their lean meat percentage, and their actual Daily Weight Gain – measured precisely by Danish Pig Genetics’ feeding stations.

With their high growth rate, low feed consumption, high meat percentage and excellent meat quality, you can save time, feed, and money on your finishers ; and create more uniform groups of animals for more streamlined deliveries to the slaughterhouse.

Duroc Boar
"Liquid Genetics"

Semen & AI Stations

The best genetics you can use for slaughterpig production in combination with our F1 (LY/YL) sow is our Danish Genetics Duroc

Contact your nearest AI Station, where you can also be supplied in semen from Danish Genetics Landrace and Danish Genetics Yorkshire, whether you are a sow producer or a multiplication unit.

Liquid genetics - Semen

Breeders partners with over 15 Artificial Insemination Stations, located in Europe, where we send top-quality boars directly from Denmark.

These animals all come from farms – which are of course all PRRS-negative – and where each animal is assessed on :

  • its physical traits: leg position and overall body posture;
  • its meat percentage, as they are all scanned individually;
  • its growth, as our animals are continuously weighted in feeding stations. They all are. 

In addition to the farms’ work on breeding, we (Breeders) select each boar before sending them from Denmark to AI Stations ; so that you are guaranteed to have access to semen from healthy and strong boars with the greatest potential for production results. 

 Worldwide AI Station partners:
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