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Our goal is to meet the ever-growing worldwide demand for efficient breeding pigs


We deliver genetics from the finest danish breeders

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Breeders of Denmark A/S has built strong partnerships with several Danish pig breeders over the last 20 years.

As we work with the leading GGP and GP farms, we deliver the best selections of breeding pigs worldwide:

Danish Yorkshire, Danish Landrace, Danish Duroc; and cross-bred F1 (LY/YL) gilts.


Perform ideally

We select the strongest pure-bred Durocs, Landraces & Yorkshires for various partners worldwide (multipliers, AI Stations…), as we also make the boars’ semen available to everyone. 

This way, your farm can be supplied with both female and male genetics, and become top-performing ! Robust, long-lasting and efficient animals ensure your multiplying units increases in genetic value, and that your sow-production and slaughterpig production reach high returns on investment. 

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Rated AAA

Highest creditworthiness

"Dun & Bradstreet turn uncertainty into confidence, risk into opportunity, and potential into prosperity"

When you work with Breeders, you know that you have a most-reliable long-term partner, thanks to our AAA-rated creditworthiness by Dun & Bradstreet. You can get to know who is an attractive partner – customer or supplier -, with D&B giving decision-makers a clear image of companies’ growth and financial viability.

We are:


We are Danish!

Since the late 1800s, Danish farmers have worked together to develop common guidelines for a Danish pig breeding system.

In the last few decades, with already more than 100 years of selecting and breeding, our danish genetic has truly proven its efficiency, as we have achieved great results, and a worldwide reputation.

At Breeders, we have always believed in the Danish genes, but not always in the Danish way of conducting the pig industry. 

This is why in 2018, the Danish pig industry went through a complete structural change, creating new opportunities for those who intend to do business the right way.

Breeders and several of our partners were in favor of the creation of a new genetic company, with an improved breeding program, still relying on our historical experience of Danish breeders, and with different strategic plans:

Danish Pig Genetics P/S

Local team

Breeders Headquarters

Breeders of Denmark A/S is located in Vojens – Denmark, where you can visit our (brand new) office and get to know who we are. 

You can spot our office from afar, if you are driving on the “East-Jutlandic” highway E45, where you can also come across several of our Breeders trucks, either on their way to pick up animals or driving South – towards Germany – on their way to our customers and partners, located everywhere in Europe.  

In Vojens, we have a multicultural environment, with skilled and dedicated employees from all over the world. We work in teams, and in close cooperation with our partners. We provide the best services to our customers, and ensure your success together. 

See you in Vojens!

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