a 20+ years old consulting company integrated by Breeders


Breeders Management provides real and honest advising to farm managers and employees

Breeders Management was created in 2021, when the Consulting company DM-Agro was integrated by Breeders.

DM-Agro has offered consulting to farms since 2000; and services included employee advising, management and production tools, facilitating contacts between farms, veterinarians, authorities, and much more.

Now, the senior advisers are part of Breeders, and we can provide the best consulting directly to our customers and partners, together in a closer cooperation, easier, and even faster.


Get the most out of your pig production

Breeders Management provides various production tools, that will help you optimize your pig production on all levels: herd management, feed & health management, employment and recruitment advice, sales optimization, and much more.

Pig Management System

With AgroVision and Cloudfarms, we help you follow-up

The team members of Breeders Management are experts in both AgroVision and Cloudfarms, two powerful Pig Management System. These programs, available in your browser, on your phone and scanner, supports your pig production processes, breeding, multiplication, and allow large-scale data analysis on multi-sites pig farms. They are easy-to-use and practical for both employees in production and KPI for management teams.

Services & Technical Advice

Services extend from purely technical advice to strategic decision-making and budgeting

Important Features

Breeders Management - Per and Thomas

Thomas Greve
+45 2137 6970

Per Lembke-Jensen
+45 4018 7110

How do you keep track of your pig performances?

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Lift your genetic value

DGNM concept:
Danish Genetics Nucleus Management

DGNM is a concept by Danish Genetics, focusing on the future of your farms and their breeding progress.

With various tools, built around your needs and personalized for you, DGNM keeps track of your breeding animals and indexes, and help you achieve your best potential. 

Danish Genetics Evaluation System (DGENES), developed by Danish Pig Genetics P/S, is one of the tools used in the DGNM concept. 

Millions of data concerning the breeding processes and pig DNA are registered and calculated with DGENES’ automated programs, helping you find the best genes for the future generations of breeding pigs. 

With KERMIT, all your data and analyses are easily available, in a smart interface, accessible on your computer: family trees, boars/gilts history, inbreeding calculation, and much more.

Key figure reports and weekly updates are also automatically generated each week, giving you access to complete overviews of your farm, with detailed index information. 

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