Danish Genetics

Danish Genetics

Danish Pig Genetics is forward-looking and considers the entire value-chain from genetics beginning to food production

The key to a global pig breeding program lies in combining the global pork market trends, customers demand, and international genetic expertise and tools.

Danish Pig Genetics develops world-class products, and breeds pigs with high production capacity, where the sows give birth to many live piglets, which have a high growth rate combined with a low feed consumption and a good meat percentage.

The aim of Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding program is to optimize the process, minimize costs and create better financial returns. In other words, increase sustainability of the pig production in both an economic, environmental, and social aspect. More output for less input, and more meat per sow space per year are essential to secure the future of pig production.

Efficiency, growth, robustness, reproduction, mothering ability and carcass quality

The biological complexity makes it necessary to balance the goal traits: efficiency, growth, robustness, reproduction, mothering ability and carcass quality. This is why Danish Pig Genetics partners with Roslin Technologies from Edinburgh University to develop the future of genetics with optimization software tools

Important Features

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